Surface Supplied Diving, Configuration & Use Course

TRAINING:   Minimum 5-Days, Maximum 10-Days


Includes KM Operator / User Certification & Dive Lab Configuration and Use Certification

This course has been designed specifically for public safety/law enforcement and scientific divers that are already experienced SCUBA divers. The course is designed to teach surface supplied diving as it pertains public safety and law enforcement / scientific divers. The basic course is five days long, and is a combination of classroom and hands on instruction and diving. This course covers basic surface supply diving procedures, including set-up and configuration of demand mode helmets and full face masks, pre and post dive maintenance of all surface supply equipment.

  • Dive station responsibilities, supervisor, divers, tenders, console/communications
  • Dive planning
  • Configuration of the surface supply spread including helmets, full face masks, umbilicals and communication systems, air supply systems and emergency supply systems.
  • Diving supervisor training includes all formalized operational procedures
  • Umbilical tending procedures including line pull signals
  • Surface Supplied Diving language and terminology
  • Emergency procedures and responsibilities of all positions
  • KMDSI operator user for use of KMDSI helmets and full face masks
  • Diver life support maintenance documentation procedures

In addition to the above, the course is tailored to the user’s equipment and system capability. If the system is brought to Dive Lab, Dive Lab has the ability to evaluate the surface supply system being employed and can make recommendations for operational parameters of use, based on tests conducted by by Dive Lab on the system.

Location of training:  Dive Lab, Panama City Florida, onsite training is available.

For more information on training, scheduling, and pricing contact Dive Lab.