All official KMDSI Technician and Operator/User Certificates & Certification Cards are issued by Dive Lab only. Dive Lab issues Certificates and/or Certification Cards after reviewing the course completion forms submitted from authorized KMDSI Dealer trainers and authorized commercial diver training schools. Dealer and schools are not authorized to issue their own certificates and Technician and/or Operator/User training.

If you do not have a Dive Lab issued Certificate or a Certification Card then you are not an authorized/recognized Kirby Morgan Technician.

OPERATOR/USERS, TECHNICIANS & TECHNICIAN INSTRUCTORS – Will receive a Certification Card & (Optional Paper Certificate for Display Purpose)

Dive Lab is now replacing Paper Certificate with a Wallet Size Certification Card, similar to credit/driver’s license cards) for Operator/Users, Technicians & Technician Instructors.  Wallet size Certification Card will serve as an official document/proof of certification issued by Dive Lab. Effective January 1, 2022 new price for Certification Card will be $35.00 each. We will no longer be issuing paper certificates to Technicians, Technician Instructors and Operator/Users, unless specifically requested for the purpose of display, for an additional $20.00

DEALERS & DEALER INSTRUCTORS – Will receive a Paper Certificate Only (Optional Certification Card Available for extra charge)

Dealers and Dealer Instructors will  be issued Paper Certificates only for $35.00 each (new price effective January 1, 2022).  An option to order a Certification Card is available for an additional $20.00 per card


Dive Lab will mail Certification Cards/Paper Certificates at no cost to our customers using Regular US Postal Service – without tracking. However, many countries experience difficulty with reliable postal service, therefore please let us know if you would like to pay additional fee for tracking service such as  FED EX, DHL, International Priority with Tracking or others

Dive Lab is not responsible for lost mail


First time students will receive a 3 year certificate. Returning students will receive a 4 year re-certification, but only if their previous certificate has not expired. It is the responsibility of a Technician to always stay current on their certifications!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at