If this is your first time submitting course form online, please read carefully!

What is the correct way to submit Operator/User course completion form?

  • List Instructor’s full name as it appears on the current certificate (do not use nick names, or abbreviated names)
  • List valid/current certificate number for Instructor
  • List full name of Instructor’s employer  (example Dive Lab Inc.)
  • List email address, where you would like to receive a confirmation for your forms
  • List Student’s Legal Name – Do not use Nicknames
  • List Company Name or if Independent or Self-Employed
  • List address of your Student (phone # & email are optional)
  • Location where course was taken (example: Dive Lab Inc., Panama City Beach, FL)
  • List first day of the class
  • List last day of the class
  • List only equipment which Student was trained on

What is considered incorrect information and is subject for a re-processing fee?

Any information that is listed in bold red color, is subject for a re-processing fee

If you have just submitted your form and realized you have made a mistake, please send us email immediately at divelab@divelab.com and describe the mistake submitted in the form. We will be happy to make a correction and email you back with a response. If you do not let us know of a mistake on a submitted form, and we print out certificates, a re-processing fee will apply.

For Instructors or Instructor’ Assistants only:


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For Instructors or Instructor’ Assistants only:


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