Frequently Asked Questions

Who can teach the Kirby Morgan (KMDSI) Technician Course?

Only KMDSI dealers and professional diving training centers that have been trained and authorized by Dive Lab can teach official KMDSI technician and operator user training. IF YOUR CERTIFICATE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THE ONE ABOVE FROM DIVE LAB, YOU DO NOT HAVE FACTORY AUTHORIZED RECOGNIZED TRAINING.

Who can issue Kirby Morgan Helmet and Band Mask Technician Certificates?

All official KMDSI technician and operator/user certificates are issued by Dive Lab ONLY, Dive Lab issues certificates after reviewing the course completion forms from authorized KMDSI dealer trainers and authorized commercial diver training schools. Dealers,and schools are not authorized to issue their own certificates for technician and /or operator user training. If you do not have a Dive Lab issued certificate then you are not an authorized / recognized Kirby Morgan technician.

What does it cost to get trained and certified to work on KMDSI helmets and band masks?

The three day technician training at Dive Lab in Panama City Florida costs $785.00 USD. There is also a fourth day of training available that teaches overhaul of the KMAC, EXO, and KMDSI SCUBA regulators.

Why does it cost so much more to get training in Europe or outside the United States?

In Europe and other places outside the US many KMDSI dealers are service dealers and are trained by Dive Lab to work on some and in many cases all of the KMDSI products. Because of different labor rates and the cost of doing business in various countries Dive Lab does not set or dictate what other authorized KM technician trainers charge for technician training. HOWEVER! Dive Lab charges the authorized dealers and Diving school $30.00 for each certificate and wallet card.

I was told by the place that trained me that the reason they charged me over $2000.00 dollars for the training is because they have to pay Dive Lab a large fee.

Dive Lab charges the KMDSI dealer and/or training center $30.00 USD for a wallet card certificate. We also offer an optional paper certificate for an additional $20.00 USD . Initially a certificate is valid for three years, then after retraining the certificate is good for four years, but only (if re-certified prior to certificate expiration date). If a dealer or school tells you that they have to pay a large certification fee please let us know.

If I complete the KMDSI / Dive Lab authorized course can I perform repairs for profit or work on helmets on the side to make some money?

NO! Absolutely not. The training was set up to allow individual user / owners to be able to maintain their own equipment as well as their companies equipment and individuals equipment that work for the same company as long as the company policy allows it. As an example if the company sends a diver for training and they pay for the training that person can only perform repairs and maintenance on his helmet or mask as well as the companies equipment and other divers employed by that company. All repairs and maintenance MUST be properly documented. Proper documentation is also taught in the training. Only official KMDSI dealers that have been trained and certified by Dive lab can perform repairs for profit.