If this is your first time submitting course form online, please read carefully!

What is the correct way to submit Technician Course Completion Form?

  • List Instructor’s full name as it appears on the current certificate (do not use nick names, or abbreviated names)
  • List valid/current certificate number for Instructor
  • List full name of Instructor’s employer  Example: Dive Lab Inc.
  • List email address, where you would like to receive a confirmation for your forms
  • List Student’s Legal Name – Do not use Nicknames
  • Check box for Renewal Certificate, if a Student has taken Technician Course previously & list their previous certificate number (If previous Certificate # is unknown, type UNKNOWN in the box)
  • Check box for New Certificate, if a Student has never taken Technician course before
  • List Company Name or check box for Independent or Self-Employed
  • List address of your Student (phone # & email are optional)
  • Location where course was taken (example: Dive Lab Inc., Panama City Beach, FL)
  • List first day of the class
  • List last day of the class
  • List only equipment which Student was trained on. Please do not list Pull Pins for OTHER equipment, as it is part of the curriculum and should always be taught in class

What is considered incorrect information and is subject for a re-processing fee?

Any information that is listed in bold red color, is subject for a re-processing fee

If you have just submitted your form and realized you have made a mistake, please send us email immediately at divelab@divelab.com and describe the mistake submitted in the form. We will be happy to make a correction and email you back with a response. If you do not let us know of a mistake on a submitted form, and we print out certificates, a re-processing fee will apply.

For Instructors or Instructor’s Assistants only:


Submit Technician Course Completion Form Online Here

For Instructors or Instructor’s Assistants only:

THIS IS NOT ONLINE SUBMISSION – For use in class only
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