Standard Technician Tool List

Tool Kit w/Pouch

For 17B, 17C, 27, 17K, KM-37SS, KM-37, KMB 18/28
Part Number: 525-620

Tool Kit w/Pouch

For KM-77 and KM-47
Part Number: 525-768

EXOBR Tool Kit w/Pouch

Part Number: 325-630

Torque Wrench

50-250 in LBS
Part Number: T-06227987

Torque Screwdriver

Torque Screwdriver

8-40 in LBS and 4-27 NM
Part Number: T-401SMCDI

Helmet Blanking Plate

Part Number: DL-BP

Goes with T-AC380

Part Number: T-2823C

Intermediate Pressure Gauge

Intermediate Pressure Gauge

Part Number: T-AC380

3/32 Pin Punch

3/32″ Pin Punch

Proto Brand
Part Number: T-02623544

Brass Hammer

Brass Hammer

Part Number: T-06623805

Regulator Nut Socket

Regulator Nut Socket

Part Number: 525-625
Note: This piece is included in Part# 525-620

9/64 Allen Wrench

Allen Wrench 9/64

Bondhus, Pull pin long
Part Number: T-05054093

8/32 Hand Tap (4-flute)

8/32 Hand Tap

4-Flute for Face Port Insert
Part Number: T-04417333


Part Number: T-08100265

Acid Brushes

Acid Brushes

Part Number: T-Acid Brush

Brass Brush

Brass Brush

Part Number: T-09301680

10 Piece Crowfoot Wrench Set

10 Piece Crowfoot Wrench Set

3/8″ –  1″
Sears Craftsman
Part Number: T-4362

7 Piece Stubby Combo Wrench Set

3/8″ – 3/4″
Part Number: T-W1087

10 Piece Hex Key Wrench Set

10 Piece T-Handle Hex Key Wrench Set

3/32″ – 3/8″
Part Number: T-2546

Christo Lube

2 oz. o2 Compatible
Part Number: T-CL

Molykote Compound

Silicone Lubricant

Molykote from Dow Corning
(Also known as Dow Corning 111)

Part Number: T-111

O-Ring Picks with Bronze Tips

O-Ring Picks

Bronze Tips
Part Number: T-TL111

Spanner Wrench

Spanner Wrench

For Scuba 1st Stage 3/4″ – 1 1/4″
Part Number: T-TL118

Flow Meter

Range 200-1400 LPM for Umbilical Flow Testing
Part Number: T-200-1400

EXO Tool/Puck Kit

Part Number: DL-EXO-kit

7 Piece Super Thin Wrench Set

3/8″ – 1 1/4″
Part Number: T-8307

Neoprene Seal Cement

4 oz. Can
Wet Suit glue for Neck Dams
Part Number: T-SC

Tribolube 71

2 oz. Tube, Oxygen Compatible
Part Number: T-PC71-9721

Tribolube 2080 Light

4 oz. Tube, Silicone Grease
Part Number: T-PC2080L97254T

Crescent Wrench Set

Crescent Wrench Set

6″, 8″, and 10″
Part Number: T-93943HF

Dive Lab Test Block

Part Number: T-TB

Loctite 222

Loctite 222

.20 oz. Tube
Part Number: T-Loc222

Loctite 248

Stick Type
Part Number: T-Loc243

100% Silicone RTV

4 oz. Tube
Part Number: T-RTV

10/24 Hand Tap

4-Flute for Face Port Tap on Stainless Steel Helmets
Part Number: Tap-10/24

6/32 Hand Tap

4-Flute for Stainless Steel Helmet Snaps
Part Number: Tap-6/32

0-1/4" T-Handle Tap Wrench

0-1/4″ T-Handle Tap Wrench

Part Number: T-Tap



Part Number: T-Tweezers

1/4" Flat Blade Stubby Screwdriver

1/4″ Flat Blade “Stubby” Screwdriver

For Side Block Alignment Screw
Part Number: T-FB-Driver

3/8″ Flat Blade Screwdriver

10 to 12″
Part Number: T-FB-3-8

Needle Nose Pliers

4 – 1/2″
Part Number: T-NS-pl

Phillips Screwdriver

Part Number: T-Phl-8

1/8″ Flat Blade Screwdriver Attachment

For Torque Screwdriver
Part Number: T-FB-att-1-8

1/4″ Flat Blade Screwdriver

Attachment for Torque Screwdriver
Part Number: T-FB-att-1-4

3/8″ Flat Blade Screwdriver

Attachment for Torque Screwdriver
Part Number: T-FB-att-3-8

#2 Phillips Screwdriver Attachment

Attachment for Torque Screwdriver
Part Number: T-Phl-2

7/64″ Allen Wrench Attachment

For Torque Screwdriver
Part Number: T-Att-7-64

Metal Scribe

Metal Scribe

Part Number: T-Scribe

Putty Knife

Putty Knife

1″ Wide
Part Number: T-PK

3/8 Drive Ratchet

Part Number: T-D80944

7/16 Deep Socket

3/8 Drive
Part Number: T-45386

9/64 Allen Wrench Attch. for torque Screwdriver

Part Number: T-Att-9-64

Allen Wrench 9/64

Part Number: T-Std-Allen

6in Ext.

Part Number: T-Ext-6IN

Flush Cutters

Part Number: T-200-002

Kirby Morgan O-Rings for Pull Pins

Part Number: 510-008

Needle Nose Pliers

Part Number: T-NS-pl

Pull Pin Filling-Tool

Part Number: CIMG2338

Regulator in-line adjusting tool

Part Number: T-TL121

Silicone Oil (Dow Cornning 550R) 1oz with syringe, NO O-rings

Part Number: 520-008-1

Silicone Oil (Dow Cornning 550R) 2oz with syringe, NO O-rings

Part Number: 520-008-2