2 & 3 Diver Rapid Deployment Console

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Rapid Deployment Air Control Console

The Breathing Gas Control Console regulates and controls the divers breathing air supplies and Pneumofathometer air for depth sensing. Both the Two Diver (XLDS-RDC-2) and Three Diver Console (XLDS-RDC-3) have one complete circuit for each diver laid out in a simple fashion and the components used in each Console are the same. Supply to each Divers circuit starts with a VCO O-ring fitting or # 437 JIC fitting attached to a stainless steel Street T connected to each divers Pressure Regulator. The Regulator is rated for a maximum inlet supply pressure of 5000 PSIG and a maximum outlet pressure of 400 PSIG. Reduced air pressure passes through a one-way valve allowing air to only travel into the Manifold. Each Manifold Assembly contains a 0-600 PSIG reduced Pressure Gauge, Pneumofathometer Supply Valve, Relief Valve (set to relieve between 390-420 PSIG), and Diver Supply Valve. Each Manifold also has a NPT auxiliary supply port, as well as a and 3/8 straight thread gauge calibration port, and a main supply cross connect which allows intermediate air from either circuit to be lined up to the other divers reduced pressure circuit(s). Each diver low-pressure supply valves (500 PSIG) are quick acting quarter turn valves. The Manifold is the foundation that holds all gas train components and secures to a 1/2 thick nylon foundation plate through bolted to the Console Box making the piping system secure. The Pneumofathometer Gauges on the 2 Diver Console are mounted in the Console Lid along with or without an installed diver intercom (Optional). On the 3 Diver Console, the three Pneumofathometer Gauges are mounted on the left side of the Console above the high pressure reducing regulators. The 3 Diver Console can be equipped with several different diver intercom units (optional) but does not have a diver intercom integrated into box. Both 2 and 3RDC’s are normally equipped with index locking quick connect fittings for attaching the Pneumofathometer and breathing air supply Umbilicals.